With the intensity of our culture these days, by the time you reach your twenties, you have probably already been:

  • cyber-bullied
  • had your heart broken
  • been physically or emotionally abused by someone you trust
  • humiliated on social media or the Internet
  • experienced significant disappointment or failure
  • or questioned your worth because you grew up in a broken home

If you haven’t then congratulations, you are in the extreme minority. The rest of us have battle wounds from life challenges. Some wounds have healed, but others have been re-opened so many times, we wonder if they will ever heal.

What I am about to say may be unbelievable for those with scars that run deep, but if you would open your mind and heart to hear the truth, then you can be freed from your pain.

You have value. Period.

No “yeah buts”. There is no master book or governing document that says some people have value and others don’t. Think about that. We are all humans, the same species, so that means we are all equal to each other. If you look at nature, there is a definite hierarchy. It’s called the food chain. Lucky for us humans because we are all on the same level of the food chain. This means we all have the same value. Now intellectually that makes sense to you, but your heart may still disagree.

The best way to align your heart with your mind is to continually remind yourself you have value until you believe it. Erase what others have said about you and replace it with affirmations of your value and worth. No one else can define your worth. No one! Once you have confidence in your value, you can start forgiving those who have caused you pain. Check out my post on Uprooting Bitterness for a deeper explanation on how to forgive from the inside out.

We have all the same value, but we each have a different purpose

Now that you agree we all have the same value, you can start to explore your purpose and contribution to the world. Our purpose lies in the gifts we have been given, the lives we impact and the things we create.

There are many ways to discover your life purpose. One way is through the adverse experiences you have had. Life challenges actually help you harvest your gifts, your character and your compassion for positively affecting others. As a result, you are more resilient, compassionate, creative, adaptable to change and solution oriented. All of these characteristics are valuable tools to have for navigating life and reaching your goals.

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