Do you ever wonder why some people just love to get out there and be active?  Weather it’s riding their bikes, participating in a Yoga class or getting out in the fresh air and briskly walking on a regular basis – they love to move!  What’s the difference between them and those that dread exercise?  – Any form of it, procrastination at it’s best – tomorrow, I’ll exercise tomorrow.  It’s their mindset.

“Establishing the right mindset is your first weapon against a sedentary lifestyle.”

There is no question we were divinely designed to move.  Regular exercise prevents muscle atrophy, improves cardiovascular circulation, enhances your immune system, helps you sleep better, and keeps your weight in check – the list goes on.

Here are five mindset busters to help keep you on track:

I don’t have time

Take the first step.  Start small.  It’s the start that stops most people.  Start with 5 minutes per day.  Everyone has five minutes.  Once you’ve taken the first step. Don’t talk yourself out of it.   If you build up to 20 minutes a day and say I don’t have 20 minutes, then go back to 5 minutes.

It’s cold

Don’t wait for the perfect conditions.  You’ll never get anything done.  If it’s cold, just dress for the part and get out there.

Self talk

Nothing hurts you more than sitting on a couch.  Tell yourself that when you’re sitting on the couch.   No need to run marathons or kill yourself at the gym.  No matter what you decide to do, you are doing better than all the people still sitting on the couch.


You may not always have an exercise buddy, so be accountable to yourself.  “Yesterday I said tomorrow” (paraphrased from Nike)

Do away with fear

What would you do if you knew “You Can’t Fail.”  You’re the bomb! You’re top dog!  Rev yourself up and do it.

Hope this inspires you to take action and move towards a healthy life.  God has you in the palm of his hand; But He’s given you the tools and the knowledge to succeed.  Now take it.  Go with it.  You’ll be on a ride like you’ve never been before.

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Be blessed in whole health!