Totally overwhelmed by my current workload, my husband’s impending job update that would move us to a different state and missing my friends and

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family terribly—I decided to get out of my stuffy basement office and go for a walk.

I love my life, don’t get me wrong, but there are days when the instability and chaos of the

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business and constant, looming change leave me a little beside myself. My husband’s job hunt has us on the constant verge of moving, and while I love the adventure, I also like to know if I should be painting or packing.

As I walked around the block my head was spinning with a million thoughts… What if he got the job? Do I really want to move? How will I ever get all my work done today? I think I need to move out of my basement office. Will we ever pay off our student debt? I miss my friends and family so bad it hurts…

You know how these thought processes go—one issue snowballs into the next—and although things are never as bad as they seem, anxiety and stress can make any small issue become internal drama.

I looked up to see a woman dressed in yoga pants and a matching bright green running top, smiling and whistling as she pushed her young child in the stroller. “She must have it all together,” I thought.

I tried to see myself through her eyes: a disheveled 20-something, unshowered, greasy hair- only half left in its ponytail, oversized sweatpants and mouth wide open, staring at her. Living

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in a college town, I’m sure she thought I was some hung over college kid walking to class.

The visual made me giggle as I walked home. Sometimes life comes into perspective at the perfect time. Would I really want to change places with her? Would I want to skip this season of life, although messy and uncertain, so full of adventure and growing?

The answer was a swift “no.” Despite the challenges that come with our current life stage, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Of course I look forward to the day when we will stay in a city for more than a year, and when my office isn’t in a basement that informs me of each step my upstairs neighbors take, but this is life now, and

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it is beautiful.

Whatever you are enduring right now, whatever stage of life and circumstances that follow, find beauty in it. Embrace your challenges and learn from them. We are right where we are for a reason and have opportunities to grow through each challenge.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to the woman on the other side of the street, and instead embrace our own life, finding delight even in the dysfunction. Nobody has it all together, and no stage of life comes without its own chaos, so find joy in your today and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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