Ever wonder why bad things happen to good people? Or maybe you are wondering when are bad things going to stop happening to you? In my quest for answering these questions, I have just about heard it all: “God’s punishing you for your mistakes” “Somebody has to pay the price for your bad decisions” “Life isn’t fair”.  Some people have even been told that they are not worthy enough to have a good life and good things happen to them; often times by the people closest to them. Can you believe that? Unfortunately, that’s the result of broken people, hurting others, but that’s a topic for another day.

So would you agree with me that it’s impossible to live in this world and not have something bad happen to you like lose your job, have an emotional relationship break-up, develop an illness, lose someone you love, someone betray you or experience financial hardship?  So if we know these things happen in life, what assurance do we have that we can experience joy, fulfill our dreams and actually be that a positive, happy person that all of the success gurus tell us to be? The answer is simple.

God takes all of those painful experiences and uses them for your good! I know God has become a highly debatable and sensitive topic these days, but before you bounce to the next Twitter, Facebook or Instagram post, stick around to hear what I have to say…you might actually like it. Plus, it’s only a couple more paragraphs and there is an amazing video testimony from Scott Hamilton (one of the world’s greatest figure skaters) at the end that will blow your mind.

First let’s debunk some myths about God. He does not:

  • Punish you for your mistakes
  • Cause bad things to happen to you to teach you a lesson
  • Want you to suffer and live a miserable life

Ask yourself this question…if God created you (another controversial topic for discussion later), do you believe that He loves you? Think of it this way…if He created you, then that makes Him your Father. So if He is your Father, then he wants nothing but the best for you! Would a father make his child sick to teach them a lesson? Does a father want his child to have a miserable life? No!

As a father you want your kids to:

  • Have a better life than you
  • Be all they can be
  • Live in joy, peace, health and success

Even if you aren’t a parent yet, logically, you know this makes sense to you. Now some people have not had a father like this in their life so maybe this a foreign concept to you, but sometimes our parents have so much pain in their lives that their pain interferes with their ability to fulfill the loving characteristics of a father or mother. Nevertheless, your Heavenly Father, God, fulfills all of the characteristics of a loving Father and can be the Father you never had.

So if God wants you to experience an amazing life, then why doesn’t he stop these bad things from happening? Well He does. He stops bad things from happening to you every day! Things you don’t even know about. Have you ever met a spoiled brat who had everything handed to them and never had to overcome adversity? They are usually quite incapable of functioning in life because everything has been done for them. On the flip side, have you ever met someone who has done everything themselves and never let anyone help them…you know Ms. Independent? They are also hard to be around because they lack intimacy, trust, cooperation and loyalty (I know, I was one). Therefore, how about landing somewhere in the middle where you have had some experiences to help develop your character, build your endurance, establish your courage and soften your heart? Those are the experiences that shape us and allow us to be compassionate, inspiring and helpful to others in similar circumstances. This is why God lets you go through a handful of experiences instead of rescuing you from all of them right when they happen. He knows what skills and understanding you need to develop to be the kick tail person that He created you to be.

So here is the best part! Glad you stuck with me…

The cool thing about God is that He knows the beginning from the end. He knows that He created you for awesomeness and exactly what you need to fulfill that awesomeness. He also loves you, unconditionally; more than you can ever imagine…and you don’t have to do anything to earn His love because it’s a gift from Him. There’s actually nothing you can do to lose God’s love. So, He takes every unpleasant experience in your life and makes it turn out for your good. If you lose your job, He gets you a better one or finds you a better means of generating income. If you went through a divorce or bad break-up, He will bring you a better relationship (I am a walking testimony of that). If you are in a financial crisis, He will bring you out of it and make things better than they were before the crisis (oh, I am testimony of this too).  You tracking with me? So look at that yucky situation you are in now, just came out of or remember from your past and see how it benefits your life. And then you will experience joy unspeakable…even in trials.

One very important and final thought in conclusion…just to be clear, God does not cause any of these bad situations to happen. Boy does God get a bad rap on this one and it’s simply not true, based on the reasons mentioned above. He just knows that bad things are going to happen and uses them as an opportunity to make s’awesome (super awesome) things happen in your life. So put on your steel underpants and enjoy God’s goodness!

I love this video story of Scott Hamilton’s life because it is a picture of how God turns all things for your good.

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