Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a stress-free zone? I think it would be like living in a bubble that no form of stress could penetrate. How much fun would you have inside that bubble? I bet you would laugh, love and give more. You would be healthy because the sickness causing stress couldn’t reach you. You would have incredible relationships with loved ones. You would have a clear mind to think, create and succeed. I want one! Don’t you?

You’re probably thinking I have really lost it by coming up with such an “unrealistic” idea. However, as I am writing this post, I am writing you from my “stress-free bubble” right now. See! I told you that when you are in the stress-free bubble you are creative, so much so that you invent the concept of a stress-free bubble.

If you have read some of my recent posts…

…you will see that things have been a little cray cray in my life recently.  However,  as I stated in my Do You Ever Feel Like a Laid Out Gumby? post, I knew all of the craziness would eventually produce a positive outcome, no matter how out-of-control it got.

Well, that positive outcome is the stress-free bubble. If you are a driven, goal-oriented, hard driver who wants to control everything (even though you say you don’t), then what I am about to share might help you. If you are a couch potato with no ambition you can stop reading now and get back to your favorite TV show.

In recent months, life circumstances (in ALL areas of life—especially my health) have been really kicking my tail. It seems like I just couldn’t catch a break. None of the tools and techniques I have learned over the years were working. I was at a loss of how to turn these overwhelming circumstances around. In an effort to find a solution, I decided to do nothing. I know this might sound like irresponsible advice, but the more I did and the more I tried to solve my challenges, the worst they seem to get. So I decided to give all my challenges away. Pretty smart of me, huh? You are probably wondering who I gave them away to, right? I mean who would be so kind to take on all of my life junk on top of their own junk. The only person I know who would be willing is my husband, but then he would have double junk and that would make him a bear (grrrr!) to be around.

So I gave all my problems to Jesus! I don’t know what you know about Him, but He’s not as mean and condemning as people have portrayed Him to be. As a matter of fact, He’s the opposite. He loves us so much that He is willing to take all of our junk in exchange for love, laughter, joy, creativity and peace—you know, the stress-free bubble! So get your stress-free bubble today. Give your junk to Jesus (GYJJ)! He will sort through it for you and provide you solutions for those seemingly unsurmountable circumstances. What do you have to lose?

As I was writing this, I heard Carrie Underwood’s new song, Something in the Water. It’s a great depiction of life in the stress-free bubble. Check it out!