Don’t let adversity affect your thinking, emotions and behavior.  Practicing gratitude and being hopeful in the midst of your circumstances will do wonders for your Spirit, Mind and Body and your overall health.  It will keep you on top of your game.  If you live with fatalistic pessimism, you will add nothing to change your situation and actually make things worse.  Who needs worry, fear, anxiety and depression on top of their difficult situations?

God promises to turn things around for our good.  There are countless examples in church history that demonstrate God’s promise to turn things around for good – from Moses, to Joseph, to the Apostles, as He has done numerous times in my own life.  Let me be clear, God is not in the business of making your life miserable to teach you a lesson.  We have pure evil in this fallen world to thank for that.  However, what the enemy intends for bad, God turns it around for good.  Breathe it.  Believe it.  Live it.

Turn your negative thoughts to positive expectations:  Be optimistic and take positive actions towards your turning points.  He will provide what you need to succeed.  When I was struggling with chronic anxiety and insomnia, my saving grace was that I knew I was going to come out of it – because God if for me.  He’s got me in his grip.  Otherwise, I totally believe I would have been stuck there.

Look on the bright side:  You can find a bright spot in almost every situation.  Instead of getting aggravated when I woke up one morning and noticed a flat tire before I went to work – I was grateful that I wasn’t on the highway when I discovered it on that 93 degree hot sunny day.  So I wasn’t aggravated at all.  On the contrary, I was relieved and grateful.

Let it go:  Don’t get stuck on the same negative thoughts over and over, or make things worse than what they are.  Instead, engage your time and energy into things that you do have control over here on this earth, such as whom you associate with, diving into God’s word for wisdom, surrounding yourself with family and friends that will support you, and engaging with people that can help you – people that have been through tough stuff and have come out on top.  That’s why we’re here at You Can’t Fail.  We’re in this together.

What keeps optimists going strong through thick and thin?  – Hard work, which leads to success and self-confidence.  It’s easy to be a pessimist and let the world swallow you up; but faith, dedication, and commitment keep your mind and energy in the right place and will thrust you into triumph – regardless of what curve ball is thrown at you.

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Be blessed in whole health.

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