There is something beautiful inside you. Did you hear me? Let me say it again. There is something beautiful inside you. Actually there are many, many, many, many, many beautiful things inside you! Can you see them? You might have to look a little deep, but they’re there.

Some of you can see your inner beauty, but some of you can’t. How do I know? Because it wasn’t until recently that I really discovered my inner beauty. As we go through life, we develop a lot of negative opinions about ourselves. Many of those opinions are influenced by others and external sources. Some of our self-criticisms are constructed by our own opinions. Either way, overtime these negative ideas  develop blind us to our incredible inner beauty. When our negative thoughts outweigh our positive thoughts, we unleash self-sabotage. Some of us dive right into self-deprecating behaviors and others experience a slow erosion of our beauty like the oxygen quietly being sucked out of our lungs. I know that’s a bit dramatic, but I am thinking some of you can relate.

Time to Unleash Your Beauty

Get out your chisel to start chipping away at that self-deprecating callous hiding your inner beauty. As you chip away at your callous, rays of your inner beauty will start to shine through. First a little light, then more light and then a flood of light that is so powerful, people will be overtaken by your inner beauty and gifts. This is when it gets really fun because then it is no longer about you. It’s about helping others with your gifts because after all, that’s why God placed them in you.

So what do we use as our chisel? We use love. Love is the most powerful thing in the whole world. Love changes everything. Many of us have experienced a void of love which has led us to negative impressions. The good news is that love is more powerful than the void of love. Love can heal all things.

So where do you find this love?

We find it in God. God loves us more than we can ever love any person or even love Him. That’s the way He designed it. He made it so His love could heal all things and unleash all the amazing things He created us for. He doesn’t care what you think about yourself, He doesn’t care what you have done because He loves unconditionally. It’s hard for us humans to imagine because we put conditions on our love, but God doesn’t. He just loves. I promise there are no strings attached to His love. There is nothing you can do to earn His love.  I know this might be contrary to what you have been told about God, but we have misunderstood Him. We have created rules and conditions for His love…a checklist if you will. The only thing on His checklist is that you let Him love you. Even though it sounds easy, it’s actually harder than we think because we are not used to being loved just for who we are, right now, in this moment. However, the more you let his love in, the more love flows through you. It’s like a snowball, picking up momentum and overtaking every area of you and your life. All you do, is start the small snowball of love down the hill and He will do the rest.

Once you start accepting God’s love, you will see areas of your life—health, relationships, business/career, joy, peace—prosper. And when that starts happening, you will want to share God’s love with others. It’s a beautiful cycle divinely designed to make you and the world a happier place. So time to get your love on! 

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