Spring into Clean Living

Springtime is a great time to reassess your new year’s goals for health and wellness.  While we know that eating real food, exercising and reducing stress can have an amazing impact on your health, one important fact that people miss is addressing a toxic environment.  Here are some tips for toxic free living…

Chemicals In Your Food

Fast Food Restaurants:  

It wasn’t too long ago that Subway got hammered when consumers found out they added a controversial chemical – Azodicarbonamine to their bread making process.  It is chemical found in yoga mats and the sole of your shoes.  Why the concern?  It is linked to cancer.  There are many other chemicals that are questionable in the fast food industry.  Just take a look at their website and read the ingredients and let me know how many you can pronounce without having a chemistry degree.  

My recommendation is to stay clear of the fast food industry.  Do your research and choose clean dining establishments.

Hint:  McD’s and TacoB are not on the list.

Fast Foods In Your Grocery Store:  

Many toxic chemicals that you ingest will float around in your bloodstream causing havoc no doubt.  Harmful substances to look out for include:

  • Artificial Colors – linked to hyperactivity in children
  • Sodium Nitrates – linked to increased cancer risk
  • TBHQ – a form of butane, linked to digestive issues

Check out this Breast Cancer Fund website article for further reading.


Chemicals In Your Home

Harsh Chemicals in Your Laundry:  

Fragrances are the biggest offender here.  Laundry detergents and dryer sheets contain benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol and terpines.  These are known carcinogens and irritants.


Chemicals In Your Personal Care Products:  

Perfumes, lotions and soaps may have artificial fragrances as well.  Check out this EPA list.


Chemicals in Your Indoor Air-fresheners, Scented Candles and Incense:  

Studies show may contain chemicals that links to cancer as well as have mutagenic and genotoxic effects.  See below for further reading.


My recommendation is to replace artificial scented products with natural products like pure essential oils.


There are many alternatives to foods and products ladened with toxic chemicals.  Most grocery stores are catering to the public cry for better options.  I purchase my “clean” hand soap from my local supermarket at a very reasonable price.  So get informed to make better choices for clean living.  Your whole health depends on it.

Post your questions below.  We’d love to hear from you.

Be blessed in whole health!

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Further Reading:

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