Are you doing something you hate that is keeping you from the thing you love? Maybe it’s a job. Maybe it’s something a friend or family member has asked you to do. Maybe it’s your daily responsibilities as a result of life circumstances.

Are these so called “loathed” tasks slowly eroding away at your dreams because they are taking all of your time and mental energy? What if thing you needed to move closer to your dreams right now was not time or mental energy? It actually might be a certain skill set, experience or area of knowledge that you need to acquire. By doing this thing you hate, you might actually be accomplishing your dreams and not even realize it.

Think about it. Look back on your life and see how the culmination of skills you have acquired have made every step of your life that much easier. You couldn’t be reading this article, if you didn’t learn to read. You couldn’t be using a computer to find information on the Internet if you didn’t have that annoying admin job where you had to do seemingly meaningless research on the Internet. Or maybe it’s a sales job you are loathing. Here’s some hope for you, one of my favorite billionaires said that every person should have a sales job so they can develop people skills, learn how to handle rejection and practice stabilizing the somewhat emotional journey of success.

As I am kissing 40 years old (feel like I am 20, but much smarter), I can see how every job, every company I ran and every life experience (good and bad) has been a stepping stone on my path of success. Trust me, there were some days amidst those experiences where I wanted to walk out the door or hide under a rock, but I knew that good would come out of each one. So, I sucked it up and moved forward.

What is a fashion diva working at Nordstrom doing starting a painting business?

I vividly remember a particularly torturous experience in my early 20’s when I decided to run my own, Student Painter business. Young and ambitious, I loved everything about this opportunity…except painting. What is a fashion diva working at Nordstrom doing starting a painting business? I worked 18 hours days and would come home and cry, just about every day, because I was so overwhelmed. Even though it was only a four month project, I thought it would never end. Every day I wanted to quit, but something inside of me wouldn’t quit because it was the best MBA program ever (and I was making money instead of spending money on tuition—that’s a topic for another day). I learned sales and marketing, hiring and management, customer service and became an incredible problem solver. Most importantly, I developed a confidence that I could just about navigate anything…at 20 years old. I truly believe that this one experience was the launching pad for my life’s success which resulted in me being in the top 5% of income earners in the US, owning my dream home on a water ski lake with a ski boat and traveling the world in luxury…all by 29-years-old.

Just remember, God never wastes your time and He is never late. Sometimes things don’t happen as fast as we want, but you can trust that they will happen because your dreams, hopes and ambitions are God inspired. He will no doubt guide you to the fulfillment of them. I am walking proof of that.

TIP: Make sure you find things that make you laugh or happy when you are in unpleasant scenarios. This will make the days go by faster and then boom, you will be on to the next stepping stone of success.

So what’s the thing you hate that is driving you closer to the thing you love? We would love to hear your stories.

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