So you’ve heard about juicing right?  It’s the latest craze now.  People that want to be healthy should juice right?  Well, that depends…

What are you juicing?

If you are primarily juicing a lot of fruit or high sugar veggies like carrots and beets, then you may be consuming way too much sugar.  You should juice primarily vegetables that aren’t super high in sugar such as cucumber, celery, and dark leafy greens.  You can also add medicinal, super foods like ginger.  However, one apple or one carrot added to that should be fine.

Juicing Should Not Take the Place of Eating Whole Vegetables and Fruit

You still should eat whole fruits and vegetables. God designed them so perfectly!  We need them in their full form for the added benefits, particularly fiber. 

Don’t Replace Meals with Juice

Unless it’s a limited time for a cleansing period or a detox period, it’s not a good idea to use juicing as a meal replacement.  There’s a minimal amount of protein, fiber and fat, which are vital to your health. 

Actually, you can drink your juice in addition to a meal.  My favorite is drinking a green juice with my morning egg breakfast with beans.  This way I’m getting all the nutrients from the drink as well as protein, healthful fat and fiber. 

Are you buying the right juicer?

A good juicer will run $200– $400.   I recommend cold pressed juicers because they produce the highest juice yield.  They don’t produce as much heat as the centrifugal juicers and keep more of the nutrients in tact so you can pack the most nutrients in your drink.

What other Options Do You Have?

Most people already have a blender in their home.  I alternate sometimes and blend veggies and thin out with coconut water.  It keeps the fiber in and fills you up quite a bit.  Try 1 cucumber, 2 stalks of celery, 1 cup spinach, 1 TBS lemon juice, and coconut water to thin out to your liking.

All that said, I think juicing is a fabulous addition to any healthful lifestyle habits.  I personally juice and blend almost every day.  The immediate benefits I’ve noticed are improved skin integrity and stronger immunity.  It’s my daily beauty treatment from the inside out and my flu and cold prevention; not to mention the long-term benefits (cancer prevention, reduced cardiovascular and dementia risks) from the added nutrients that will last you a lifetime.

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Be blessed in whole health!

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