I’m the first person to say that eating right and exercising have a huge impact on your health.  But there’s another element people are missing in the equation and that’s socialization.  Having an active social life with family and friends makes your Body healthy, makes your Mind healthy and makes your Soul healthy.

Simply spending time with people to enjoy their company, confiding in them, intimately connecting to them affects the rest of your body.  Studies show that people that are social don’t get sick as often, sleep better and cut their risk of dementia when they age.  So start planning and take an active role in getting social.

So my friends, playing video games remotely with friends or living out your life on the computer all night doesn’t cut it for the social connections we’re talking about.  Feelings and intimacy cannot truly be conveyed properly in a computer message or post or electronic chats or Skypes.  This is where we see the real health benefits – when we have connections that are made person to person.

We’ve seen a decline in social skills with the rise of computer social networks.  So addiction to life on the computer screen has its consequences to your health in more ways than one.

Don’t get me wrong, I like social media as much as the next person, but life has to be balanced, and engaging with people in person should be a part of that equation more often than not.

Be blessed in whole health!

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