I believe one of the biggest issues plaguing our culture today is a “lack mentality”. Some how our minds have been programmed to believe there is never enough. Never enough time, never enough money, never enough food, never enough opportunity. When we have this mentality, we start to believe that since we don’t have enough, we can’t give to others and even worse we believe others should give to us. And when other people succeed, we tear them down and criticize their success. Yuck! This all stems from the thought process that the pie is limited so if someone else achieves a larger piece of pie, your pie automatically has to be smaller. Where in the world does this thought process come from?

Where does a lack mentality come from?

It comes from people we love and respect who have a limited pie mentality. It comes from leaders and public figures. It comes from the systems that generically shape our thought processes. Think about it. If this pie theory is really true, then who decides the size of pie you get? God? Your parents? Your friends? Your boss? Well, it’s not God. He is no respecter of persons and He is not malice so he doesn’t sit there and assign big, medium and small pieces of pie. If He is no respecter of persons, then how could He possibly choose? How about the people around you? Do they choose your pie? Nope. They may influence how you think and some of the decisions you make, but they can’t choose your pie. So that leaves you. You choose the size of your pie. The buck stops with you. The good news is that the pie is unlimited so you don’t have to worry about competing with someone else for your size of the pie. Therefore, your only decision is to determine how big you want your pie piece and make a plan to get it. We all have obstacles to overcome no matter our cultural or socio-economic background, but we all have been given a brain to dream and create so the possibilities are endless.

Once you overcome your lack mentality, you can start giving some of your pie away to help others grow their pie piece. See what an awesome perpetuating system it is. You grow your pie and help others grow their pie. What a concept? Others helping others!

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