You may find yourself at a lame desk job today.

Maybe you went to school for four or more years dreaming of something greater— something bigger.

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But here you sit. At a desk, maybe in a cubicle, maybe wearing a polo that sports a logo of a company you never desired to work for. Maybe the only thing that gets you through each day is your lunch break, Facebook and quick sessions of Candy Crush when

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no one is looking.

Maybe you feel trapped—stuck in a job that has put walls around your potential.

But there is something inside of you, a voice constantly nagging you and whispering, “I can do better than this.” “This isn’t what I signed up for.”

No, I’m not suggesting you purposely let your boss070-450 catch you making SnapChat videos during the next board meeting, giving them a reason to ask you to leave, but instead, sit up straight.

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Yeah, this might not be the job you expected or the career you dreamed of, but each day and each job is a stepping-stone. Instead of slacking off because you can, sit up, engage in your current job and LEARN.

Soak everything in that is going on around you. When your boss070-451 asks who will volunteer for a new project, don’t shrink down in your chair and hide behind your thick-rimmed glasses— instead look them in the eye and take on the task.

Use your job as your current University. Learn new things. Gain new skills. Ask your superiors questions. Attend those free continuing ed courses, webinars and conferences. You never know how the skills you are learning today will make you more marketable and launch you into your next

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Yeah, we can all slide by under the radar, doing the minimal amount of work to keep our jobs, OR we can blow bosses and supervisors out of the water. We can step out of the crowd and fight for that voice inside of us.

Sure, this job isn’t your destiny, but you aren’t going to get anywhere waiting around for someone to invite you on a new adventure. You need to create your own.

Sit up. Take advantage of the opportunities around you and listen to that “something” inside of you—that something that knows you were created for greatness, purpose and will push you to be the best version of yourself.

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