Does it seem like your dreams and goals are getting further away rather than closer? You have been diligent, you have put in the extra time, you delayed gratification and you have visualized and dreamed. You have fulfilled all of the fundamentals of success and yet your finish line seems further away than ever before. How is that possible? You ask yourself “how do I keep dreaming and moving forward to my goals when I am running on empty and the fulfillment of my goals is nowhere in sight?” Maybe this will help.

We are taught when things are not progressing to push through and find a way to make things work. And yes, pushing through when you want to quit is a very valuable component to success. However, there is also a time to rest and recharge—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many people know of this as a “vacation”. You know how good you feel when you get back from a vacation. Your head is clearer, you’re energized and you’re more inspired. Imagine tackling your goals with all of this goodness. So give yourself a dream-cation (dream vacation). This is actually a double play on words because you are going to give your mind a break so it can have time to “breathe and think” and you are going to temporarily scale back your dream and goal efforts. You don’t have to put everything on hold, just create more time for rest, fun and thinking. Like your smartphone, put yourself on the recharger for a little bit.

For some of you, this might be a bit scary because your go to M-O is to push through. You can take comfort in this thought. When you are given a desire in your heart to accomplish something, you are also given the will and strength to accomplish it. Plus, what you learn along the way is equally beneficial to the accomplishment of your goal. So don’t worry about getting behind or missing the mark. A dream-cation may be just what you need to slingshot you to the next level.

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