Ever had a day, week, month or year where you felt like you were so raw and beat-up with your heart fileted wide open that you were just bending with every circumstance that came your way? The image in my mind I see when I feel this way is a horizontal Gumby like the image above (Thanks Mrs. TK for sending me this image).

At the dawning of my 40th birthday, I started to evaluate my life, what I have accomplished…and what I haven’t accomplished. I can’t say it was the happiest life inventory I have ever taken because I honestly thought that I would be further along with my life goals at this point. I think I even shed some tears and uttered some four letter words in my frustration and disarray of the lack of tangible validation of my four decades of life. My frustration was so overwhelming that I couldn’t write for You Can’t Fail because I felt like I didn’t have anything inspiring to say. We’ve all heard from success teachings that you should only speak positive about your life and I have strived to fulfill that thought process for decades. But sometimes you just need to let it out and know that a couple bad days, weeks and maybe even months doesn’t mean you will not see the goals that God has placed in your heart. I wholeheartedly believe all dreams, goals and ambitions are placed in our hearts by God and whatever He starts He promises to finish. He gives you the skills, energy, wisdom and resources to make what he has planted in you come to fruition.

As I wallowed in my 40th birthday misery, I started to see the world through a different filter. I started to see that so many people are hurting; they are sad, disappointed and sometimes even hopeless. While misery does love company, I didn’t find comfort in seeing hurting people. As a matter of fact, it was more like a dagger in my heart…I know that sounds dramatic…but it’s how I felt. I started asking questions like how do you help people find peace and joy? How do you breathe hope into people who have experienced painful disappointments in life like broken relationships, financial crises, health challenges, loneliness, hurt by loved ones, etc.? And while I am asking these questions, I am wondering what the answers are for my own life?  I thought I would have children by now but have only had a false pregnancy. I thought I would have exceeded my financial and business success of the past but I am still in the building stage of my next level of success. I thought I would be impacting more people with the inspiration of overcoming many challenging circumstances with the good news they are created for greatness but that hasn’t happened…yet. However, I have not given up hope.

Though my heart and mind replay my disappointments, my soul won’t let me give-up. It won’t let me throw in the towel because it knows the time for what God has placed in my heart has not come yet…but it’s close and every experience until now has been a building block. I just know it is…and here is why I know I can’t give up. God doesn’t waste a thing. He doesn’t waste a moment. He doesn’t waste your time and He most definitely doesn’t waste your life. He created each and every one of us for greatness beyond anything we could think or imagine. He is doing a great thing in each of you. Even when it feels like you can’t take one more step or overcome one more trial, He is working behind the scenes making every negative thing in your life work for your good. I don’t like clichés so when I say “He’s working everything for your good”, know it is from my heart to you; to give you hope when you feel hopeless. And in the midst of your despair or frustration, it’s okay to be disappointed, sad and bitter. As long you have hope in your soul, hope will pull you through your season of despair to your season of joy and inspiration. In closing, I shared my heart with you because I have had a hard time being okay with feeling disappointed and frustrated about my life. With all of the success teaching I have had, I thought something was wrong with me for feeling this way…and then a dear friend, Mrs TK, from everythingidid.com told me “it’s perfectly okay to feel the way you feel. As long as you hold on to the hope you have in your soul, then you will get through this crazy season. The hope in your soul is the very definition of what YouCantFail.com stands for…even when your circumstances make you feel like you are failing. ” She encouraged me to write about how I was feeling because she believed it would help people who were feeling the same way. Thanks Mrs. TK! I love what they say in the movie Happy Feet “The voice you hear inside is who you truly are. You can’t teach it because you have to discover it.” Maybe we haven’t fulfilled all of our dreams yet because we are still discovering our voice…even at 40. Enjoy the discovery the process!

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