While many Christians are actively celebrating Easter with their church, many others don’t think it is necessary to belong to a religious establishment.  So here lies a question:

 “Are religious institutions unnecessary and outdated?”

 I know, I know, some have experienced hypocrisy, some don’t believe everything that is being taught and some feel like it puts them in a box.  And we also know that some leaders in the church have let us down.  I get it.

 But here are some things you may want to consider:

Jesus started a church

After all, Jesus started a church.  He said to Peter in Matthew 16:18, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church”.  If we look to his example first and foremost, you won’t be disappointed.


You must admit, you can learn a thing or two from church leaders and Bible scholars that have dedicated their lives to studying and living the word of God.  Just as my expertise is in Nutrition, they have authority to teach and lead in the things that pertain to faith and spirituality.  Finding the great teachers that have impacted my life for good is worth weeding through the not so great ones.


Community is key for growing and learning also.  Here we not only learn from our leaders, but also have the opportunity to give back.  For example, using our talents to teach others in all areas of life.  I teach holistic living classes at my church.  

Here’s also where people gather to minister to the poor, providing meals, clothes and encouragement to those in need – supporting internally of each other, and outside to the community as well.  I facilitate a care ministry at our church to bring meals to those in need within the church and in the community.  My volunteer team are all active members and together, we touch many lives.

So “belonging” to a church family has its benefits indeed.  For me, being the extended hands of Christ is what motivates me to engage and stay active in the church.  And it surely is fun to to come together with others and make a difference.

Be blessed in whole health.