Rahel, You Can't Fail Voice

I am passionate about helping people see their greatness, especially when they can’t see their greatness themselves.

Rahel, You Can't Fail Voice

more to me than I ever imagined. This is the way for me to reach those broken by human made error and help them reverse the impact of the errors leading them to complete restoration.

how to move people from brokenness to wholeness. I am passionate about helping people see how much they are loved so they will not look for love in the wrong places.

to organizations that help children, especially orphanages and Freedom Ministries.

I blindly went to Ethiopia to marry a person I had only known via the phone for 29 days. I figured that nothing is impossible when you trust in God and know that he has awesome things planned for you, including an amazing husband.

I believe in You Can’t Fail’s capability to change people’s lives. It’s always been my dream to help people realize what they are capable of and encourage them to pursue their dreams with reckless abandon.

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Rahel moved to America from Ethiopia when she was 15 to attend a boarding school in Kentucky. Away from all of her friends, family and everything familiar and comfortable, Rahel had to create a new life including learning English, of which she didn’t know one word. This life changing experience shaped Rahel’s overcomer attitude because she learned that any hard situation can not only be conquered, but result in a successful outcome; she ended up graduating fourth in her class and being a lead athlete in many sports she never played before coming to America.

In spite of Rahel’s victory over her “coming to America” challenges, she still struggled with some emotional scars that some days seemed unsurmountable. Growing up without the emotional love of her parents resulted in a low self-esteem and a perpetual feeling of brokenness. Everything changed when she had a personal encounter with the overwhelming, unconditional love of God. Her pain dissolved and she became the very embodiment of God’s loves. When you interact with Rahel, she makes you feel like you are the only person in the world that matters. She speaks life into you and embraces you with a hug that melts any problem away.

Rahel is passionate helping people through any stressful situation. She does this every week by encouraging and nurturing youth that have been told they are worthless and have turned to self-destruction. She has repeatedly witnessed the power of speaking life and words of hope into the hopeless. She shares this gift with everyone through her inspiring videos on You Can’t Fail.

Rahel and her husband live in Colorado with their two young children.

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