Evelyn, You Can't Fail Voice

I want to share my knowledge and experience about obtaining balance and moving towards a happy, healthy life.

Evelyn, You Can't Fail Voice

I’m inspired by like minds working to create success; And we will take that “success” mindset to the world.

a mindset that you immerse yourself in to be all that God has created you to be.

I got married a second time. That was courageous!  I raised two boys:  When I brought them home from the hospital I asked, “Where’s the manual?” And I’ve been asking myself that ever since.  I also went back to college at age 40 to pursue my dreams of becoming a holistic nutrition specialist.  Oh, and I play drums and percussion for my church – because I still know how to rock!

helping families achieve great health and start good habits as early as possible.  I cringe when I see folks stock their grocery cart with frankenfoods – man-made processed food.  They have no idea the impact it has on their health and the addictive nature of these foods. How can our children thrive when they have diabetes at age 13 or high blood pressure at age 14 or when a person is on their third round of antibiotics and is sick for weeks?  That ALL can be avoided!  We just have to teach people how to do it.  That’s my mission.

I also highly regard being social as an important part of wellness.  I know we’re all busy, but planning quality time with family and friends is good for the mind, soul and overall health.  We cook together, eat together, and play together.  When I get into my kids world (computer games), they don’t mind so much getting into my world a little bit (cooking and hiking).

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Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Evelyn learned early on that it was going to take a focused effort to rise up and get out of ‘the neighborhood.  Thankfully she had a dedicated, strong-willed Puerto Rican mother and two older brothers to set the example of how to overcome her circumstances.

Evelyn succeeded in a promising career in the LA advertising scene working with clients such as Toyota, Dole Foods, Mitsubishi and Yamaha. She also gave marriage another chance when she met her TV producer husband; they fell in love like a Hollywood movie. Now they live in Colorado with their two sons and her mom.  Evelyn loves to cook and play the drums (yeah, she’s one of those rocker chicks) and she’s crazy about everything I Love Lucy.

Don’t let Evelyn’s no-nonsense, get it done attitude fool you. She’s known for putting others needs above her own and encouraging them to live better lives, physically and emotionally. When it comes to holistic health and pushing through the hard days, Evelyn is the real deal. She practices what she preaches. As a matter of fact, she overcame an 8-year bout with chronic insomnia, anxiety and worry, which practically debilitated her for a whole year.  She also overcame chronic illness, as she was sick quite often, caught every cold and flu that came her way, and was frequently on antibiotics. God was in the midst of her transformation and continues to direct her path.

Evelyn’s passion for wellness emerged out of her desire to keep her family healthy because the conventional medical establishment left her dissatisfied with its solutions for chronic illness. This led her to earn a Masters Degree in Natural Health & Holistic Nutrition.   Her knowledge in natural medicine has kept her and her family out of the doctor’s office for illness visits over 10 years. With her nutrition knowledge and life experiences, you can expect sound wellness advice in all areas of your life.

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