Amber, You Can't Fail Founder and Voice

No matter what people have been through, no one is beyond the point of no return and no one has to put their dreams on a shelf.

Amber, Founder and You Can't Fail Voice


Leadership, mentorship, career and business growth, marriage, relationships, family dynamics, overcoming financial circumstances, determining your future, fulfilling your life’s purpose and finding joy and peace in life



a place of hope! Hope for all that every situation can be turned for their benefit. Hope for people who are hurting on the inside even when the outside looks fine. When people know they are loved and not broken, their cycle of brokenness stops and a cycle of wholeness begins resulting in love towards themselves and others. That’s how you the change culture, one whole person at a time.

In addition to helping people become whole, You Can’t Fail is a media community generating profits to fund other culture changing projects and efforts that positively impact people. Let’s just say we are a unified (but unique) community, helping other communities kick tail.



Organizations that help children have better lives. Even if it means helping the caretakers of the children as well.


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Amber, Founder and You Can’t Fail Voice

Often described as a contrarian—driven yet restful; bold yet compassionate; a leader and a follower; wise yet hungry for knowledge; loyal and an opportunist; a disruptor and a peace keeper—Amber loves helping people kick tail in life!

What qualifies her to do so? She was in the top 5% income earners in the US and purchased her dream home before she was 30 and then became homeless, about lost everything and was down to $6 in her bank account. Her 20 years of business and marketing experience and an unfailing belief that success is possible in all areas of life rebounded her from what looked like the end.  She never wanted to be married and now her husband is the #1 person in her life. She used to run from God and now she runs to God. She is a walking testimony that no matter your life circumstances (she’s about seen them all), you can’t fail. Through You Can’t Fail she is helping people realize they are not broken, can overcome any situation and enjoy life.

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Experiencing True Love – Pt. 1

Have you ever wanted to be loved so bad it hurts? I mean physically hurts your body or emotionally hurts your heart. Some of you may answer “no” to this question, but I think you might re-consider your answer after you read this. It’s amazing what we will do for love...