Have you ever met someone and said to yourself, that person has it all together? She must have the perfect job, the perfect husband, the perfect little life. She is always positive and optimistic. Life must be so easy for her. That’s often how people describe, Amber, You Can’t Fail Founder and Voice.

“It’s not a façade, it’s a mindset,” Amber says. As her husband has taught her, “everything in life is a mindset. If you have a positive mindset, you see positive results”, she says. Therefore, Amber invests time and money into her mindset of optimism and opportunity. She’ll be the first to tell you her life has not been a cake walk, but every person who has made an impact on the world has overcome seemingly unsurmountable circumstances. “In hindsight, I can see that every life experience from career to personal have been a positive contributing factor to my success and personal journey”, says Amber. In the heat of challenging circumstances she couldn’t always see the positives. However, she knew everything in Life can be turned for good so she kept her chin up and moved forward.

She recalls a time when she was on a business trip to Washington DC for her quarterly Board of Directors update with Steve Case, Co-Founder AOL. As the head of Marketing for Steve’s first company after AOL, a purely marketing driven company, Board updates were always a bit intense. However, it was nothing compared to the state of her life at that time. She had been working 80-100 hours a week for almost two years; she was in poor health due to stress and the lifestyle of running marketing for the number one company in her industry; and her personal life continued to suffer at the expense of her workload. Done with men, done with working so hard and ultimately done with life, Amber had no idea what good was about to come from her trip to Washington DC.

As she waited in the jet way to board her airplane, she removed her face from her Blackberry at the sound of a man saying “hello” to her. Bitter and irritated by his friendliness, she made reluctant small talk with the friendly man in a pilot’s uniform. During the flight she noticed the man who chatted her up in the jet way was also sitting in First Class. Amber’s friend was a flight attendant in First Class so she took a break from work for a social catch-up. There were no more interactions with the friendly pilot until Amber arrived at her hotel room in DC where Amber received a call from her flight attendant friend to give her the pilot’s phone number.  Little did she know that the friendly pilot would soon become her husband. That one trip to Washington DC she so badly wanted to cancel was the very trip that changed her life forever.

Sometimes light shines brightest in the darkness. If you are experiencing a particular dark time in your life, know that light is round the corner. God won’t leave you hanging.

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