Ok, even if you’re not on a beautiful island in the Florida Keys, you can still start your summer off right!  These ideas will prepare you for getting the most health benefits while you take advantage of what summertime has to offer.


Before you slather on the sunscreen for extended outdoor play, wait 10 minutes and soak in some rays with as much skin exposure as possible.  Vitamin D deficiency is at an all-time high in recent history due to more time spent indoors and sun phobia.

Eat More Veggies and Fruit

Enjoy seasonal produce at reasonable prices.  Eat large salads, fresh fruit, particularly berries and make more smoothies.  Berries on salads and home-made ice cream make for a great treat.  Switch out regular salsa for mango salsa or watermelon salsa for a delightful, refreshing change.

Plant a Garden

It gets you outdoors and helps you reduce stress.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Get out of the gym and go for a hike or a walk in the park.  For those of you who work out at home, bring your iPad out to the yard and do a free Youtube workout video on the grass.  Go to your local swimming pool for outdoor fun and exercise.  Pull out your bicycle and go for a neighborhood ride.  Instead of going to a movie, go outdoor concerts at the park.

Drink More Water

Avoid dehydration.  Make water more interesting by infusing water with herbs and fresh fruit and veggies.  Check out my video on making infused water.  It’s easy and tastes awesome.  You’ll be drinking more water for sure.


Adding small steps towards health make all the difference in your health.  That is the way we create health.  One stride at a time.

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Be blessed in whole health.