Just when you think you are finally making progress in life, boom! You hit a wall and the wind in your sail is sucked out of you. You say to yourself, “Not again! I’m not sure if I can overcome this one. I thought that things were getting better and then this happens.” Know you are not alone. No one is immune to unforeseen life circumstances be it financial, health or relationship related.

If everyone has challenging life circumstances, then why are some people happier and more successful than others? The answer is simple: they learned how to put their circumstances in a box.

So when your life circumstances interrupt the flow of your life? Put them in a box. That’s right. Pack them up, seal them with packing tape and put the box out of your sight. Easier said than done, right?

3 Simple Ways to Put Your Circumstances in a Box

1)      Pack them Up: Gather all of your negative feelings, emotions and distractions created by your circumstances and put them in the box. This is not a physical box, but a mental box. By placing your negative thoughts into a mental box, you’re intentionally removing them from your current train of thought so they don’t interfere with other areas of your life. TIP: Some thoughts that go in your box are Why does this keep happening to me? I am a terrible (mom/dad, wife/husband, child, friend, person). Am I ever going to succeed in life?  What will people think of me? I am so embarrassed that this happened to me.

2)      Seal the Box: How do you overcome darkness? You add light. Imagine being in a dark room where no light exists and then a crack of light shines through. That light seems so bright because the darkness is so dark. You seal your mental box of darkness by introducing light to your mind, will and emotions. Since your brain can only focus on a couple of things at a time, fill your brain with light thoughts: grateful thoughts, inspiring thoughts, love-filled thoughts. By embracing light thoughts, the negative thoughts you packed in your box will be sealed so they can’t cannibalize other areas of your life. TIP: Not sure of your spiritual beliefs, but I ask God to help me with this one. I know that God loves me and wants nothing but awesomeness for me because I am his precious daughter. Since He is no respecter of persons, He loves and wants awesomeness for you too. So I just praise Him and thank Him that He has promised to turn every negative situation into a positive outcome for me…and He never breaks His promise.

3)      Put the Box Out of Sight: Now that your mental box of negativity is packed and sealed with reaffirming thoughts, put it aside so you can get back on track. Invest your energy and time in your creative areas, even if it is for a few minutes a day. Spend time closing your eyes and visualizing where you want to be in life instead of complaining about where you are. Dive into your gifts and talents. Doing this will bring you joy and restore your self-confidence.  

Once the overwhelm of your circumstance has subsided and your peace is increasing, I want you to cut a small hole (the size of a quarter) in your box. The hole is small so whatever darkness that comes out of your box is diminished by the light surrounding your box. Because the light overwhelms your circumstance’s darkness, you can now deal with the darkness in peace. When you are in rest and peace, solutions flow easier.