So it’s Tuesday morning and the “To Do” list on your whiteboard haunts you! Your mind is full of thoughts like “I have to”, “we are losing valuable time” and “wouldn’t it be great if we could do this”.  As the leader of your charge, you feel responsible to make things happen and to produce results for the team that is relying on you to help their dreams come true! And yet, there’s a mental block…like a writer’s block. Your white board covered in scribbled tasks is like a blank word doc that the aspiring writer faces in the birth of their next book. You have highlighted, circled and ALL CAPs the most important things to help you prioritize, but yet you stare at them with no motivation to cross them off of your list. You hope that this is just a passing moment and drink two energy drinks to jump start your brain…wait for it, wait for it…and NOTHING!

So now what? How long will this funk last? What if it lasts more than two hours? That’s two hours wasted. As a matter of fact you are wasting valuable time thinking of how you are wasting time. OMG…the vicious cycle continues. Check Twitter, check Facebook, check web site traffic, check email. Hop on Skype for a little mindless chatter. Maybe just one more energy drink will light your fire again.

Stop the madness! You are letting the tail wag the dog. As a seasoned marketer and business leader, you know that keeping your marketing engine is the secret sauce to every successful business.  We have all heard “spend at least 20% of your time on marketing every day”.  And for us marketing people, we dare not drop below that 20%. However, what if our obsession with marketing is actually gutting the heart of our business? What if our obsession with the daily details is cannibalizing the inspiration of why we started this company, project, non-profit or movement?

If you can relate to this conundrum then read on. If this has never happened to you then you are super human and should run for President…of the world.

The good news is that I only have ONE solution for you. Not 31, not 10, not 5…just one simple solution. I mean really, how many “how to” steps can you actually follow at any given time? Have you ever added up all of the “how to” steps you read in a day? How many are you doing…maybe one, and most likely zero because we get overloaded, paralyze and do nothing! Enough on that, back to solving your mental block. The simple solution is this:

Get back to your roots.

The mundane daily details erode the roots of why you have poured your heart and soul into this project. And the God given gifts and talents that allowed you to birth the project are being overshadowed by one article after another of how to, don’t do and must do.  The truth is that you have all of the “do” you need inside of you because God has equipped you with everything you need to be successful. So in this time of “mental hiatus”, abandon the details and go to your place of inspiration—writing, teaching, speaking, creating, drawing, etc.—whatever it is, go there to refuel your inspiration tank. There you will find your mojo. Stay there until your whiteboard and “To Do” list doesn’t haunt you anymore. And then you will be able to tackle the details faster, easier and with better results. And you will have more fun because you are smiling again.

It’s that simple. Try it. I guarantee it will work for you. If it doesn’t work, tell us. And if it does, tell us. Either way, give us your feedback so we can continue to provide content that will help you kick some serious tail.

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