1. Worrying is a full-time job that doesn’t pay

Rather you pay it in loss of sleep, time, and sanity. It always drains the mind & weakens the soul, and never offers a return on investment—other than anxiety. It knows no limits and will suck every last molecule of peace and positivity out of you until you’re a bag of dry bones without a single ounce of hope for the human race. Oh, and then you still have to get up and go to your other full-time job that actually keeps your heat and electricity from being shut off…

2. Boys aren’t Band-Aids

While they can make you feel better for a while, they can’t fix you. Whatever is broken, hurting, or missing in your life will not be miraculously fixed by the right guy. The “2 becoming 1” concept does not imply that you are half of a person prior to meeting your soul mate. Work on making yourself whole first. We all have baggage, but don’t get into a relationship for the sole purpose of finding someone to carry it for you (even though it sure does make their muscles look good…just sayin’).

3. Obsessing over tomorrow robs you of today

As much as you mull over the life hurdles awaiting you tomorrow, it doesn’t change a thing—other than the amount of aspirin you need to take to get through the day. Circumstances change not by thought and obsession, but by faith and action.

4. To-do lists automatically repopulate

They are infinite. Quite literally. No matter what you get done, there is more…always more. You won’t get ahead in life. You weren’t designed to. You were made to smell the roses where you are, approaching life’s obstacles as they come and releasing what you can’t change or bear in that moment. It will get done tomorrow, or the next day—and you are no less of a person for it…Oh, AND you will die with things still on that list, except by then nobody will be looking at the boxes you didn’t check, but rather at the relationships you formed and the lives you impacted as a result.

5. There is no enemy more deadly than fear

It’s relentless, merciless, and capable of more mayhem than anything else on the planet. And the worst part is that it makes you feel like a victim, like it’s something that just happens to you rather than an entity that can and should be numchucked Bruce Lee style like that Kung Fu kickin’ panda (no idea where that analogy came from, just go with it).

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