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You’re Never too Broken to Have Purpose

With the intensity of our culture these days, by the time you reach your twenties, you have probably already been: cyber-bullied had your heart broken been physically or emotionally abused by someone you trust humiliated on social media or the Internet experienced...




Black Bean and Avocado Brownie

OK I know what you’re thinking – “Evelyn, you’ve taken this health-kick thing too far.”   Black beans and avocado in a brownie?  Oh yea. This recipe is awesome!  I served it to my sons without saying what they were made of – and they totally enjoyed it.   I hope they...


What happens when you assemble a group of awesome ladies from a variety of backgrounds, life experiences and generations? You get some serious kick tail wisdom, life stories and mentorship. Get to know The Voices and connect with the ones you relate to the most.

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Amber, You Can't Fail Voice

Amber, You Can’t Fail Founder & Voice

Often described as a contrarian—driven yet restful; bold yet compassionate; a leader and a follower; wise yet hungry for knowledge; loyal and an opportunist; a disruptor and a peace keeper—Amber loves helping people kick tail in life!

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Evelyn, You Can't Fail

Evelyn, You Can’t Fail Voice

Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Evelyn learned early that it was going to take focused effort to rise up and get out of ‘the hood.’

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Rahel, You Can't Fail Voice

Rahel, You Can’t Fail Voice

Rahel is passionate about helping people through any stressful situation. She does this every week by encouraging and nurturing youth that have been told they are worthless and have turned to self-destruction.

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Our Heroes, You Can't Fail

And here’s where we throw our hands in the air and give a shout out to people kicking tail in life!

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MrsTK, TK Dennis Society
You Can’t Fail’s mission and message is one that the world desperately needs. To have a place anyone can go to and connect with real people to get real support, encouragement, and wisdom is invaluable. The Voices at You Can’t Fail genuinely and wholeheartedly want to help you ‘kick tail in life.’ That’s a movement I can get behind 100%! Mrs. TK

Cristina, You Can't Fail Friend

There are some cool online projects to encourage young women to help other women. However, the You Can’t Fail girls, not only make you want to be involved, but they make you feel like you are one of them and that you’re part of this great movement.

Cristina Fernandez

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